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Need to go in a hurry? No sweat! 
The Getloo app will automatically pinpoint restrooms nearby to help ensure a worry free experience. We even provide you directions so you'll never get lost.


Looking for something a bit more tidy? We've got you covered!
Each result is color coded (green: excellent, blue: good, yellow: better than nothing) for quality to help you find a restroom to your liking. Know before you go.




But wait, there's more. Filter by convenience - accessibility, baby changing, unisex, parking - to find exactly what you're looking for. No more guessing involved.



  • Improve the restroom finding experience in major cities globally. 

  • Provide a new kind of restroom 
    experience on events and festivals.

  • Help improve sanitary 
    conditions in third world countries.


Getloo is on a mission to provide accurate and reliable information of available restrooms on the go, and equipped with unique and personally verified database.

The App made with special attention for those who suffer of any related illness, pregnancy, young parents who are desperately looking for a baby changing station, professionals who travel /drive locally, LGBT community and transgenders who are looking for a single or unisex restrooms.

Our unique info includes a rating system, how to access to each restroom and features of convenience. 
All locations are either public restrooms, coffee shops, restaurants, retail stores, hotels, gas stations, convenience stores and more.

Made with Love,

psst: If you love what we're doing and find passion to contribute,
you're welcome to join... 

Getloo, Inc.
Chicago based 
Launched Nov 2018
Coming next NYC, LA, SF


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